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WEBINAR: How to Find New Customers, America’s Best Kept Business Secret

11/21/2019 @ 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM

A WEBINAR for businesses looking for new clients. Let’s think outside the box and stop loosing those empty time slots, with a new concept!

About this Event

Time Dollars are the Real Deal – You can even take them to the bank.

Let us introduce you to the new Way To Pay. Time Dollars Club is a network of business owners looking for new clients that also want to streamline their operating costs. Now your can trade your goods and services and get paid with Time Dollars. The Time Dollars Club allows you to spend among our business network and get a 10% discount or spend out of network by transferring your Time Dollars on a Prepaid Visa Debit Card… That’s right !!!

Members can even mix Time Dollars with Cash when buying or selling goods and services. One Time Dollar is equal to a One US Dollar and can be transferred on a Prepaid Visa Debit Card and usable anywhere worldwide.

Increase Your Business And Decrease Your Overhead By Joining The Time Dollars Club!

Have access to whole new network of business owners that want to do business with you. Then you can Buy Gas, Buy Airplane Tickets, Buy Electronics with your Time Dollars.

Come and find out how you can support your organization or community through the Time Dollars Club!

Welcome to Bartering in the 21st Century!

No more sitting on your Trade / Barter Dollars,

Your Time Dollars give you Instant Purchasing Power Worldwide !

Join our live webinar and learn more about Time Dollars Club!

Sign up and reserve your slot today!