How Bartering Can Help Small Businesses and Startups

In a digital age where the economy and the business industry are highly competitive, maintaining your own business can be really tough. You may have all the ideas necessary for your small business to do well, but you lack the financial resources needed for your plan of action to take shape.   How can a small-time entrepreneur with only limited cash generate revenue while being surrounded by business tycoons? This is where a viable alternative called Bartering comes into the picture.  

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Trade, Barter and IRS (2018)

Barter income is taxable to your business (services performed, or products sold) in the year in which it is realized. The income from bartering activity is recorded in the same way as other forms of income on the appropriate tax return for your type of business.

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Expand Into New Markets

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How to Barter

There are a lot of reasons to join in barter. You can use bartering to cut costs with your small business or to lessen personal expenses. If you’re a handyman, you can trade services with a construction supply owner. Each person is still getting paid for their work, in a sense, and it can lead to referrals and cash-carrying customers without costing a penny.

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When to Barter

Businesses have been trading services for centuries, and given the unstable economy, many new business owners today are opting for this thrifty way to expand or regenerate their businesses without dipping into cash reserves.

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How Much Money Do You Lose Because of Empty Seats?

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Why Barter?

Businesses are continually looking for new opportunities to draw additional customers to their products or services. Bartering networks address this goal while reducing cash expenses and increasing cash flow. For centuries people exchanged goods and services with a barter system; but it has been only during the last couple of years that so much importance has been placed on joining a trade/barter exchange.

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Bartering in the Modern Age

Have you ever swapped an unneeded wallet or handbag with a friend in return for, say, an attractive sweater? Have you tried offering to do a colleague’s extra workload in exchange for free lunch and dinner? If your answer is a big yes, then it simply means you have bartered.

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What is Trade?

CTX Club is based in Los Angeles. I’d like to introduce you to the concept of trading your business products and services with our club members. In its simplest terms, trade or barter is trading your products or services for something you need or want. Today, Trade works much like a credit card system. The big difference is instead of having to write a check at the end of the month, you can supply your goods or services in return. However, if you have downtime space for new customers or excess inventory and you’d like to save money on expenses. Watch the video below:

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